From Self-Doubt to Digital Entrepreneurship

My name is Parminder Singh, a blogger, and digital marketing consultant. I owned this blog.

I have a master’s degree in computers, I have been in the IT industry for the past 10 years. Being in the IT industry, I always want to start an online business.

In my whole life, many times, I tried to start my own business, but self-doubt and perfectionism made me quit every time.

Here how everything went:

Every time I start something, I plan every detail very carefully behind my laptop. I spend countless hours on the business plan, website design and development, logo creation, branding, and creating social media profiles.

And finally, when I launched and told my friends and family so that they could look at my new excellent online business. With this new entrepreneurial identity, I feel good about myself even before getting started.

When the time came to market business in the real-world, self-doubt took over.

I won’t see any immediate results, get discouraged, stay behind my laptop, and quit. I never gave it all my efforts. I always stayed in my safe and predictable word, trying to distance my online business from my personality.

After so many unsuccessful online businesses, I learned many lessons. Finally, I co-founded a digital marketing agency. With combined efforts of both the partners, this became successful.

My goal is to help small and medium businesses to grow online. It doesn’t matter whether you are starting a new online business or already running a business online. I am here to help you grow online.

Growing business online is not that easy, and one needs some help/guidance. So, I created this blog to help you to Make Money Online.